Faisal-QaziFaisal Qazi who is a famous comedian and famous in the theater arena is facing financial crisis. He said that after Late Moin Akhtar I was left alone by the people who were with me every day and every moment left me and no one even recognizes me now he complained. Faisal said that he doesn’t shares his financial conditions to avoid embarrassment.

Faisal Qazi complained that our society goes behind only emerging faces and stars. Earlier the artists were known for their talent and skills but now the lobby system has badly hit our media Industry. He said that people still meet him with love because of Late Moin Akhtar and he still feels that emotional attachment with Moin Akhtar which he enjoyed at that time. Masses still respect and love Late Moin Akhtar he added. He complained that everyone left him after the death of Moin Akhtar.

Faisal Qazi is a theater artist who has worked for a number of years in the theater. He has also worked in some of humorous sitcoms in the television Industry. He was absent from the TV screen from a long time now.