to-ALLAH-we-belongSenior Investigative Journalist Asif Bhatti passed away. A severe heart attack left him dead last Wednesday in Gujranwala. Asif Bhatti was working with ‘The Frontier Post’ in Gujranwala for more than 20 years. Before leaving the temporary abode that is this world he was working as Bureau Chief for ‘The Frontier Post’.

Burial of Late Asif Bhatti was carried out at his native village Kamoke which is situated near to Gujranwala. The Funeral Prayers were also held at Kamoke which was attended by hundreds of people who were from civil society and Media. His colleagues from ‘The Frontier Post’ also participated in his funeral prayers in large Number.

All his colleagues still remember him in good words. Late Asif Bhatti was an upright and Honest Man who performed his duties with full zeal and enthusiasm and honesty. He put best of his efforts for Journalism and undertook immense difficulties to investigate the matters properly which were given to him. Pakistan Media Updates offers condolence to the bereaved Family and his friends and colleagues. The loss no doubt is irreparable and no one will be able to fill the space created by his death.