PFUJIslamabad: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) in a statement demanded that the detained journalist should be immediately released. Nasru Minallah who is the correspondent for Express Tribune was reportedly detained by the security agencies while he was going to Miran Shah, his hometown.

The statement further elaborated, the detained journalist and his family were along the many IDPs who were displaced due to the military action. His Father who works for Dawn and other Family Members when travelling back to Miran Shah were detained reportedly by the security agencies. His Father and other family members were released later on whereas Nasru Minallah is still in their custody and the agencies took him to an unknown location.

Journalists from all over Pakistan demanded the release of detained journalist and put forward their case while mentioning that the journalists have played a key role in this fight against terrorism. Journalist have fully supported the Government and security agencies in the war against terror and Journalists have sacrificed their lives for this mission to bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan. The Union expressed great concern over this matter and demanded the release of detained Nasru Minallah.