Shamim MasihIslamabad: In a recent press release issued by the President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, The PCC has condemned the attack on the Christian journalist Mr. Shamim Masih and demanded action from the government against the alleged miscreants. Mr. Shamim Masih works for a national newspaper and TV Channel and actively writes on the prosecution of the Christians in Pakistan.

The press release which was issued by the Central Secretariat of PCC elaborated the incident, when Mr. Shamim Masih was on his tour to a Christian Residential Area he faced two unknown men who were riding a motorbike they stopped near him and said that he should stop writing about the Christians’ prosecution, before Mr. Shamim could say anything the attackers came down their bike and started to beat him leaving his arm broken. While leaving the scene the unknown attackers again warned him if he would not stop writing about Christian prosecutions than they will not spare him and they added that they know about Mr. Shamim’s Family and his home.

The PCC not only condemned this attack but they also showed concern over the non-registration of First Information Report (FIR) by the I-9 Police Station of Islamabad. The PCC President said that the Police was not acting justly in this case and this attitude of theirs was just because Shamim was a Christian. PCC further demanded from Government to provide security to the Journalist and register the FIR.