PEMRAIslamabad: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) asked cable operators to stop illegal activities such as broadcasting of illegal TV and vulgar CD channels, changing in licensed TV channels and closure of PEMRA licensed TV channels. PEMRA strictly warned to cable operators about these illegal activities and asked them to work within the PEMRA laws and the terms and conditions.

PEMRA issued warning to cable operators in a response to several complaints against illegal and unauthorized telecasting of TV channels. PEMRA ordered cable operators to stop telecasting of illegal TV and vulgar CD channels and start on-airing PEMRA licensed TV channels. Otherwise in case of not taking sudden actions of these illegal activities, cable operators have to face high penalties and fines in this regard, PEMRA cautioned.

PEMRA spokesperson said in this regard that PEMRA has already told to cable operators that changing in licensed TV channels and closure of PEMRA licensed TV channels and other illegal activities of these types are not allowed without any approval as it is totally against the PEMRA rules and regulations. PEMRA spokesperson also requested to the public to immediately complain about illegal or any inconvenience activities of their cable TV operator at PEMRA toll free number and can also registered their complains at PEMRA’s website.

For registering complains follow this number and link:

PEMRA toll free no: 0800-73672