Sasha AghaWell-known actress Salma Agha is planning to make a sequel of her Indian movie “Nikah”. She named her movie is “Ek Nikah Aur”. A leading role will be played by Salma Agha and her daughter Sasha Agha in this film. Actress Salma started her career in 1980 from the movie “Nikah”. It was the super hit movie of 1980 and actress got a lot of work in movies, after the success of this movie.

Salma Agha worked in Indian and Pakistani movies both. Not only she is an actress but also she is a singer. In 2013 her daughter Sasha Agha worked in Indian movie “Aurangzeb”. Sasha is also a singer as like her mother and good at singing and acting both. Sasha’s first movie “Aurangzeb” got flop but her performance was good in this movie. Sasha is a Pakistan British beautiful actress.

Salma belongs to a Pathan family and she was born in 1956. Actress is the most famous singer and actress of Pakistan. She gained a plenty of success in the field of showbiz. Her daughter Sasha is also getting progress gradually and they both are trying to work well in the sequel of “Nikah”.