Fawad KhanFawad Khan is most charming and handsome Pakistani actor. Fawad had the ladies of Hindustan fainting all over him in Khoobsurat, is all put to take his fame to another level. According to reliable sources, that Fawad is setting up to create an Indo-Pak film that will look at him in an entirely new avatar as an action hero.

Fawad Khan said that he wants to transform types and personality with every film. In addition He said that he requires pushing the muscles and looking heavy for the character of the action hero. Charming Actor thinks that he lost too much mass during Khubsoorat. He would get some serious mass to enter into role for my next film.”

Fawad is going directly to a clean-shaven muscular action hero’s look from the bearded lean and skinny royal look. The actor said that he wanted to change with his looks. It’s very mind-numbing to come into same view in all your films. Then Fans are watching not at the character but at the actor. So he is really getting muscles up for an action role.

Fawad Khan said that he did not plan to lose so much weight during Khubsoorat. It was more by misfortune than by plan. He did not aim to look so skinny. It unexpectedly happened. Fawad started taking gym routine seriously.