Nadia Jamil on Channel 24Famous Actress and host Nadia Jamil has decided to come back to morning TV again. Previously she used to host a regular morning show for Dunya News but this time she would just be watched only on weekends. According to reliable sources that ‘Weekend with Nadia Jamil’ is aiming a different audience. The first promo of the show indicates that Nadia Jamil’s morning show would be all what people want to be: different, educational and entertaining.

Previous morning show was considered a way to facilitate house wives and instruct them about the world. But slowly and slowly morning TV develop into a never ending circus and Jamil had to quit. She stayed in disguise as we hoped to the script she was working on but in the meantime she came up with occasional jewelry like Behadd – her telefilm with Fawad Khan – and training local kids for a Shakespearean play and show for the Olympics.

Channel 24 is possessed by media group that also walks channel 42 and City FM 42 and the inauguration ceremony was happened on October 22, 2014 in Lahore. The currents affairs channel finds to inform viewers with quality analysis from famous journalists and anchors. The channel differs from customary breaking news set-up and provides views greater approaching and depth in to issues.