Social MediaAs trend of fake accounts on social media has increased too much in Pakistan due to which lots of victims of this crime are facing great problems and issues. Similarly, the greatest victims of this cyber-crime are our Pakistani celebrities who have almost targeted by their fake accounts. Fake ids and pages has become a destructing way these days due to which our Pakistan celebrities seem to be unhappy.

Some people are used to spread fake news via fake pages/profiles of these celebrities due to which celebrities have to face fake news regarding them. Even every celebrity has fake profiles and pages at Facebook these days through which rumors about these celebrities crossed many eyes. Lots of celebrities have seen to be very exhausted and angry over their fake Ids and pages through which rumors and fake messages are appearing regarding them. Through cyber-crimes many other crimes are also taking place due to which common people are also getting in trouble too.

Pakistani celebrities are demanding to FIA and government to take action against these cyber-crimes which are becoming a cause of trouble in their life as fake IDs and fake pages of celebrities are misleading people and also harm their images too. Government should take action against cyber-crime in order to get rid people from this misleading trend.