Morning showsKarachi: As morning shows has become one of the important show to broadcasts, every channel has their morning show in order to entertain audiences. According to the pattern of morning shows, some guests to be invited in the show in order to create an environment of chit chat. But unfortunately there is no rule of equalizing due to which lots of important personalities and their families remained uninvited in the morning shows.

At the morning shows of private channels, some artists’ families are ruling in the morning shows as they used to give their appearances every after 2 or 3 months. Even we have a large list of great artists in which Javed Shaikh, Yasir Nawaz and Javeria Saood families are included but no equal opportunity is given to all artists and their families in theses morning shows. “Morning with Juggun” at PTV is the only morning show where senior and new artists are invited equally even other artists who belong to different fields such as educationist, doctors are also called.

Another thing which is not likeable by audiences in the morning shows of private channels is that female anchors do not wear “Dupatta” as well which is not a good impact on our young generation and they should respect our tradition and values.