Pemra officePakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has introduced their online Viewer’s Feedback & Complaint Management System through which every person will be able to submit their feedbacks and complaint online if any. PEMRA is providing very good online complaints service from which they will try to overcome on their viewer’s complaint.

As we know that these days lots of channels are airing vulgar programs and commercials which do not like by audiences due to which they want to complaint against channels. PEMRA is all set to receive online complaints against channels if somebody is facing some vulgarity and offensive contents then they can submit their complaints against any channel of Pakistan. As today media is trying to reach to the level of foreign countries due to which some offensive contents are emerging day by day. Pakistani people who follow Islamic teachings and Pakistani traditions do not like spreading of vulgarity that’s why PEMRA has played his role by providing complaint portal. [alert] Register Your Complain Here [/alert]

PEMRA which focuses to facilitate and regulate the private electronic mass-media industry is also responsible to take care the choice and discretion of viewers that why PEMRA has introduced their online complaints portal. You can simply submit your complaints against any channel provided by your cable operator by clicking Here.