Mustafa QureshiAs Budget 2015-16 had been announced by the Government of Pakistan and imposed several new taxes on general public; artists have also criticized the government badly for this. Famous actor of Pakistani showbiz industry Nayyar Ejaz has termed this budget as “Taxistan”, by saying that the budget has increased the problems instead of relief for the common man. He also added that the ruling class has its own interests while preparing the budget, while increase in the salaries is just a joke with the employees.

Another famous actor Mustafa Qureshi said that the incompetent rulers have disappointed public by presenting unfriendly budget and declared it as a pack of lies. Singer Shahida Mini said that this budget has not given any thing to the poor but in fact elites and mafias have been awarded through this. Actor Moammar Rana also expressed his views on the budget by saying that the rulers have presented IMF prepared budget, which does not have relief for the poor.

Film actress Sana Nawaz said that the government has failed to give relief to the public in every sector. Actress Hooria Khan expressed her views by saying that inflation is already at the top in Pakistan and load shedding of gas and electricity have made life miserable for the common man.

Other actors and singers of Pakistani showbiz industry including Shamoon Abbasi and Zafar Iqbal have also rejected the current budget by saying that it does not have anything for the general public.