Bol Media Network is the project of Axact group. Bol transmission is planned to start from 1st Ramazan. Although Bol has initiated its test transmission which was being aired till PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator) directed Bol to suspend the transmission as Investigation continues on the Axact scam. Bol hired top journalists from all channels and news agencies of Pakistan. Bol has about 2000 employees.

Bol Media Network started to create difference even before its launch. Bol TV is especially lauded for the lucrative salary packages and benefits it provides to its employees. Bol’s main motive is to revolutionize the media Industry by providing vast benefits to its employees which are quite higher than the Industry average and changing the lives of the journalist by raising their living standards. Empowering further its employees Bol also had in place ‘Bol Ownership League’ making the employees the owner of the media house not just an employee.

bol news live streaming bannerBol TV will be launched in the initial stage later on adding Bol Entertainment, Bol Cinema and Bol Newspaper to the portfolio of Bol Media Network. Bol TV’s live official streaming can be watched from anywhere around the globe.

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