Pakistani ArtistsAfter receiving consistent threats from Hindu extremist group Shiv Sena, Pakistani artists have delayed their visit to India. According to the reports of Pakistani media, many famous Pakistani artists have showed their serious concerns on this issue and they are feeling insecurity. Many Pakistani actors, actresses, comedians and singers have to visit India in recent days but all of them have delayed or postponed their visit after threats from extremists. They have to visit for shooting of dramas, stage performances and song recordings but they finally decided not to visit India because of insecure environment.

From the last few days, Shiv Sena is threatening Pakistani cricketers, artists and other social personalities. They have forced all the Pakistani’s to leave India or not to visit there and threatened that if they came to India, they will be attacked. Few days ago, famous Pakistani Ghazal singer Ustad Ghulam Ali also faced threats from Hindu extremists and forced not to perform in concert, due to which organizers have cancelled that event.

Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shakeel Siddiqui are amongst the artists who have postponed their visit to India. It is to be stated that Indian government has not taken any action against extremists and it seems that they are backing these terrorists.