Lahore: Pakistani actress Nisha Chaudhary is all ready to perform in an item song in Indian film as agreement between the actress and the director has been set. According to the details, Indian renowned filmmaker Jagannath has casted actress Nisha Chaudhary for an item song in his new movie. Film will be shot in India next month for which Nisha Chaudhary will visit Indian next month.

There are many Pakistani actresses who try to make a mark in Bollywood for which they also agree for vulgar work in Indian films due to which criticism comes into their way. Pakistani people do not appreciate any actress who do work in India in a vulgarity and offensive manner which is totally against to Pakistani traditions and cultures. Famous Pakistani actresses like Meera, Veena and Sarah Loren have also worked in India against Pakistani cultures and women values due to which these actresses have to face great criticism and bad remarks.

Similarly, another actress Nisha Chaudhary is going to perform in an item song of India which is also not suitable according to the values and ethics of our country as Pakistani people do not see Indian item songs with good sight because item songs only spread vulgarity.