Actress Laiba KhanLahore: Model and actress Laiba Khan has decided not to act in stage dramas as she got work in the continuous drama at Alfalah Theatre after a recommendation. Laiba Khan will now only concentrate on her modeling career as she wants to become successful fashion model of the Pakistani industry.

Actress Laiba Khan has showed her capabilities through her work in just the beginning of her career as senior artists have also appreciated her work. Laiba Khan who always want to make her name by her own but she does not want to use short cut for great name and fame like other actresses as she is moving towards fame and name with consistency. It is pertinent to mention that she debuted in the stage drama named as Kachi Girri at Alfalah Theatre in which her performances was appreciated.

Stage actress Laiba Khan added that offensiveness on the stage is the part of the past as there has been no obscenity in any theater in Lahore. According to the actress, today every actor or performer has to make their own name by their work and capabilities because our ​​people do not appreciate the bad performances ever. Laiba also said that only hard work and dedication can lead toward success as people always praise good performances and work.