Babra SharifLahore: Veteran Pakistani film actress Babra Sharif has expressed her good hopes for the betterment of film industry while saying that Pakistan and India will be benefited from the combined film-making as this deal can support Pakistan’s sinking film industry in a good manner. The only Indian film screenings in Pakistan will surely damage Pakistan film industry, Babra Sharif commented.

While talking to an interview, Babra Sharif said that Pakistani artists will be able to get jobs due to joint film production and Pakistan industry will also able to get support through joint filmmaking that’s why she thinks that combined filmmaking is good and must be implemented. Another Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has also endorsed idea of working together for the betterment of both Indo-Pak industries. Most of the Pakistani artists believe that India is hijacking Pakistani screens due to which Pakistani industry is facing great loss as joint film production is the only way which will be in favor of both countries.

Babra Sharif who is known as one of the one of the famous actress of her time has got great fame and name in Pakistan due to her talent and skills. The actress who has worked in more than 100 films of Pakistan started her film career in 1980s as well as she has also achieved awards for her best performances in her films.