Neelam Munir1Lahore: Leading actress of Pakistan Neelam Muneer has declined offers of 2 Indian movies due to bold scenes which were offered by well-known film makers. I want to work in movies, but can never think of crossing my boundaries, actress Neelam Muneer commented while talking to a newspaper.

Talented actress Neelam said that Pakistan is going high in the production process and the best films are being made to adorn cinemas therefore she will show her skills in the movies of her country. She also said that our several artists have worked in Bollywood and many are going to work in India but she has always acted according to my temperament as she does not prefer in Bollywood which can humiliate her country. [alert style=”green”]I have declined to work in Bollywood due to bold scenes but it does not mean that I’m against to work in India, Neelam Muneer added.[/alert]

The young actress further remarked during her interview that Pakistan film industry is rebirthing this time where Modern style cinemas are making all across the country while films are also being made with modern technology. Neelam said that she is recognized from TV dramas and by working best in TV dramas, she is successfully moving towards her achievements.