Knife AttackIslamabad: General Secretary of Pakistan Printing Press Corporation Employees Workers Union, Rana Shafiq had been killed yesterday. According to the media reports, Rana Shafiq was sitting in his office and meeting with his friend named Zaryaab, before Aftari. During the meeting, both of them were started shouting on each other and suddenly his friend attacked him with the knife. Rana Shafiq’s friend thrust the knife in his stomach for several times and fled from his office.

People present in the office of Rana Shafiq, took him to the PIMS Hospital, but he didn’t survive and died. According to the reports issued by the doctors of PIMS Hospital, several wounds of knife were present on the stomach of Rana Shafiq and much blood had been already released before reaching the hospital. However, Islamabad police is further investigating the killing of Rana Shafiq and initial investigations have proved that he had friendly relations with the alleged killer.

Employees Workers Union of Pakistan Printing Press Corporation has condemned the killing of Rana Shafiq and demanded the police to arrest the killer and punished him.