Journalist KilledJournalist Zafarullah Jatak has been killed in Jafferabad District in Balochistan, on Sunday. According to the local police, when Zafarullah Jatak was sleeping in his house located in Usta Mohammad Town, unidentified armed men broke the gate of his house early in the morning and opened fire on him. Multiple bullet wounds were found on his body and he was died on the spot due to severe injuries, reported by news channels.  Zafarullah Jatak was associated with the newspaper Intekhab and working as a free lance correspondent.

Local police cordoned off the whole area after receiving the news and searched the surrounding houses but no arrest has been made yet in this case. The spokesman of the police told the media that they were continuously receiving the reports from the journalists regarding threats from unidentified group in the district. However, they are investing on several aspects including target killing and personal rivalry.

Several journalist organizations have condemned the killing of Zafarullah Jatak and demanded the government to provide security for the journalists in Balochistan. They have also demanded the compensation for the families of all the journalists who have been killed in Balochistan.

It is to be noted that 43 journalists have been in Balochistan for the past few years and the law enforcement agencies have failed to provide security to the journalists.