Khalid Saleem MotaFamous actor of Pakistani showbiz industry Khalid Saleem Mota is facing serious eyes problem nowadays, due to which he has also left the showbiz industry for some time. While talking to a newspaper, Khalid Saleem Mota said that he is suffering from cataract in both of his eyes nowadays. He said that he had gone through a surgery of his right eye one year ago but now he is feeling severe pain in both the eyes. Khalid Saleem Mota said that he will going through for a surgery on his left eye soon after Eid.

He also said that he is suffering from many diseases from the last two years but he didn’t get any aid from the Federal Government and it is very sad that the Government doesn’t supports the artists who spent their whole life for proving entertainment to the public. However Khalid Saleem Mota thanked Allah for giving him the resources so that he is able to afford the expenditures on his treatment. He also added that he is currently out of the industry but warned the producers not to do any favour for him.

It is to be noted that we have earlier reported about the illness of Khalid Saleem Mota few months ago.