Ali Azmat Zaid HamidFamous defence and political analyst Zaid Hamid has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment and twelve hundred lashes by the Saudi court but his friends and fans are still trying to get him back in Pakistan. In this context, popular pop singer of Pakistan Ali Azmat also comes forward to support Zaid Hamid and started his struggle to get him back in the country. In his recent Tweet, Ali Azmat has badly criticized Saudi Government for arresting Zaid Hamid and declared them “Zionist Regime”.

Ali Azmat also added that the Saudi Government has sentenced Zaid Hamid to make their Indian Masters happy. He had also started a campaign on famous social networking site Twitter to support Zaid Hamid, with the hashtag “#ReleaseZaidHamid”.

Ali Azmat is a close friend of Zaid Hamid and both of them have previously hosted a patriotic program named “Iqbal Ka Pakistan”, on Aag TV.

Other famous media personalities including Mubashir Lucman, Faisal Raza Abidi, Neelam Nawab and Gen ® Hameed Gul have also showed their support for Zaid Hamid and have tweeted in his favour. However Lord Ahmed of Rotherham has also written a letter to Saudi Government, asking them to release Zaid Hamid.