Shaista LodhiMuch awaited interview of morning show host Shaista Lodhi with senior anchor Mubashir Lucman stopped due to security reasons. The promo of that interview released 2 days ago, mentioning that the whole interview will released soon but now senior anchorperson and host said that it is stopped.

Mubashir Lucman tweeted that, “We Have Decided not to air Shaista Lodhi interview”. He also added that “Her life and family is more precious than one show. No regrets on my decision to stop.”

As Mubashir Lucman gives some hints in his tweet, it seems that Shaista Wahidi has received some threats after her interview and she is forced to stop airing the full interview. Because she had opened her mouth for the first time after alleged blasphemy attempt on Geo TV last year, in that interview and revealed full story behind the scene.

In that interview on Bol News with Mubashir Lucman, Shaista Lodhi gave hard copies of all the email conversation with Geo TV owner Mir Shakil Ur Rehman, to the host. She also told that she was unaware of the whole situation and had only hosted the program according to the script provided to her.

It was expected that the whole interview will create a new controversy and has been widely discussed in the media circles but it is not confirmed that whether this interview will be aired after sometime or not.