PBATop broadcasters body of the country, Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) has taken a serious step by announcing to help the employees of Bol Network. Urgent meeting of PBA was called on 1st of June, in which almost all the members of the body were present. Members of PBA have comprehensively discussed the issue of employees of controversial news channel Bol Network. After the detailed discussion on the endangered careers of employees of the Bol News, PBA has decided to employ them as much as they could.

“After consulting its members on June 1, the PBA is adopting the policy of hiring back as many media professionals as possible by member PBA channels to the best of their capacity,” statement released by PBA said.

The PBA said that the fraudulent elements have tried to cover their illegal and immoral business under the umbrella of their media group. Now, those corrupt elements have been exposed as a result of quick action by FIA and other investigating agencies of the country.

“It is apparent that Axact was venturing into media to protect its illegal businesses and conceal its source of wealth,” statement released by PBA said.

In order to safeguard the careers of Bol Network employees, PBA has setup an email address on which employees of Bol can send their resumes to get jobs in other media organizations.

Email address given by PBA: resumes@pba.org