Nida Sameer is a far-famed, all around and an accomplished broadcast journalist, a host and a producer. She has worked for two news channels which areone of the best in Pakistan, Geo TV and Samaa TV. Nida Sameer has achieved great things in her life and many people now look up to her.

Nida Sameer is a resident of Karachi. She is happily married and has a daughter. Her former name before her marriage was Nida Fatima. Nida graduated from the Asia’s one of the top university, Karachi University. She received a Masters degree in Mass Communication from here in 2001. She also got Young Development Professional Program (YDPP) in 2002. She has her own Twitter account which is a personal one. She earned another Master’s degree through School of Oriental and African Studies in media and communications which is in London. She did this after receiving a British Foreign and Commonwealth scholarship.

She started her career from Geo just after graduating. Geo wanted newscasters at that time; she applied and nailed a job. She worked here as a newscaster and a host. She worked at Geo for 8 years, before joining Samaa TV.

On Geo, she hosted the show “Kehta hai Dil”. She is the one of the first news anchors of Geo. She is now currently working as a news anchor and a senior producer at Samaa TV. She is practicing her producer skills to make them better.