In the medium of film or screen or included motion pictures, television or film strips. It requires the potential capabilities of hearing and seeing, which ultimately prove more retentive and persuasive. As such it is retained and is recalled in some detail as compered with the printed or written channel and others. In advanced countries, film are meritoriously being utilized for imparting formal and informal education and factual information.

Printed Message and Face-to-Face Discourse: Face to face discourse or personal relationships carry powerful and effective germs for persuasion ad influence because they cover greater space and possess apparently psychological advantages. These informal channels basically possess certain characteristics of implicit value which assist in greater coverage and are superior in psychological advantages to other formal media.

Face-to-face discourse tends to be more informal,flexible, casually engaged than mass media. It is less selective as compared with mass media, gains immediate rewards and can be exercised by a trusted or intimate source. As such face-to-face form of channel is much persuasive instrument than printed or written form.