The media production industry now just does not seek skills; they seek special talents and a beautiful face. To establish your self in this industry is very difficult. There are many candidates who have proved themselves that they are extraordinary, one of them is Nabeeha Ejaz. She is a jack of all trade. She does reporting, she is a newscaster, a news researcher etc. She is very young but she has done everything possible to explain that she is capable of many more things.

Nabeeha hails from Lahore, Punjab. Her birth date is 2nd of September. Nabeeha’s zodiac sign is a Virgo. To her, she believes in truth, goodness and beauty. She is a very lively person who enjoys her life to an utmost level. She is a songs lover.

Nabeeha Ejaz has worked for Geo Tez and Dunya News. She got her breakthrough in this field from Dunya News. She had the designation of a news anchor here. She worked here from March 2011 to April 2012, for about 1 year and 2 months.

Nabeeha then joined Geo Tez because of a more attractive package. She currently works here and she is a reporter and a news anchor here. It’s been less than a year working here.