Neo TV logoThe newly launched Neo TV can be watched online via the official streaming, free of any charge. The live streaming can be viewed from any corner of the earth just an internet connection is needed to access the live transmission.

The transmission can be viewed from any device including a computer, Tablet PC and Smart Phone. Large number of Internet users are a reason that almost all the major TV channels have their Live Official Streaming over the Internet.

Neo TV was launched on May 15, 2015. It was launched with the promise to offer Freshness, Uniqueness and Newness in all the broadcasted content. Neo TV is the project of ‘Nai Baat Media Network’. The Chairman of the group Chaudhry Abdul Rehman made it clear that Neo TV will work at its best to protect the fundamental boundaries of Pakistan.

The live transmission of Neo TV Channel can be we watched here. Neo has also announced its prime time current affair programs and talk shows. Neo has tried to bring together all the provinces of Pakistan rather than dividing them as Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pashtoon. The tagline ‘Pakistaneo’ perfectly defines their policy in this regards.