Adnan SamiPakistani Singer Adnan Sami Khan has applied for Indian Citizenship for the second time, he has recently submitted his application. According to the Indian media 43 years old Pakistani Singer has submitted his application for Indian citizenship again after two years.

Adnan Sami Khan when earlier submitted the application two years ago it was not accepted by the Indian Interior Ministry. He has submitted the application into the foreign Department of the Indian Interior Ministry. As per the Indian Government Officials his application for citizenship is under consideration. Interior Ministry contacted with the Law Ministry in the previous Month to find out the legal implications related to the matter and whether Mr. Adnan Sami Khan is eligible for becoming Indian citizen or not. Law ministry excused itself from the case and stated that Citizenship and implications related with it fall under the duties of Interior Ministry. Government Officials didn’t rejected the chances for Mr. Adnan Sami Khan to secure citizenship.

Adnan Sami Khan is a famous Pakistani singer living in India from quiet a long time. He is not the only singer of Pakistan who got fame in India, in our recent history Atif Aslam also got fame initially in India then in Pakistan. On the other and Ali Zafar also tried out his luck in acting using the Indian platform Bollywood.