ARY NewsARY News is a strongly acclaimed and widely watched current affairs and news channel not only in Pakistan but abroad too, especially in The United Kingdom. It is popular for its live talk shows, credibility of news and information and the quality of its programs.

Besides its transmission over the satellite almost globally ARY news officially also hosts live streaming. People can watch its streaming anywhere in the world. ARY News is a reliable source of Information the access to live coverage anytime from anywhere is of course a positive point.

ARY News was launched on 26th September 2004. Primarily is an Urdu News Channel. Its current affairs programs along with most fearless and talented journalists are the strength of ARY News. It covers all genres of news and are presented by top anchors like Kashif Abbasi, Asma Shirazi, Javed Malik and others.

ARY News has 700 correspondents and broadcast journalists not only from Pakistan but from all major capitals around the world. It not only cover news but is also filled with insights on other informative matters and entertaining programs such as Sar-e-Aam, Sawal Yeh Hai, Khara Sach, The Morning Show and Off the Record. The channel also keeps a rich library with exclusive footages.

ARY Mobile coverage is also provided by ARY Media facilitating viewers in best possible way. This feature of mobile coverage was launched in 2008. After the death of Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob, his family took over the management of The ARY Business including the ARY Media group.

Watch ARY News Live streaming here.