Naveen Jan newscasterNowadays, there is a tough competition among the entire news anchor. The news channels want the best crop of newscaster they can find. To strive and get success in this field is a great achievement itself. One of the newscasters who have been very successful in pursuing this career is Naveen Jan.

Naveen Jan is a noteworthy host, news anchor, news researcher and a director. She has a huge fan base. She has been around the media industry neighborhood for a long span of time now.

Naveen Jan is a resident of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Naveen is equipped with great skills of speech and clarity of words which helps her to take lead from other newscasters to the race to glory. She has her own Facebook page.

The people who are a regular viewer of ARY channel since the beginning know her very well. She started her career as a host of a live entertainment show. Here she used to take live calls. She then completely switched to news. She started doing news research and also become a news anchor. She also began the practice of directing. She is always present during the important bulletins as she is counted as one of the senior news anchors of ARY News. She does all of work and anchoring in Dubai as she is based in Dubai.