Nazish Farooq newscasterIn order to achieve success, it is said that qualification to the relevant field does count but there are also many people who set an example that hard work, dedication and good personality traits pay off and take you to the levels of success, which in itself is a big achievement. One of the many people is Nazish Farooq, the Dawn news anchor.

Nazish Farooq is a girl of mixed educational background with diversified interests and experiences. The pretty girl matriculated from SMS Grammar School, did her FSC from Sir Syed Girls College and completed her graduation in Science from Karachi University in the year 2007. Nazish then pursued her MBA in Media Sciences from Iqra University and is doing masters in International Relations and Affairs from Karachi University.

She joined the Dawn news channel as the news anchor in the year April 2011 and is still working there. Her skills and expertise include news writing, creative writing, blogging, video editing, voice over, broad casting, multimedia expertise, good know how of public relations, media production, documentaries and many others.

The anchor has had worked as teacher at a school and also holds experience of working in local and multi national companies. She believes that her dedication, responsible attitude are the distinctive features of her personality that make her successful and hence she is able to work under the given dead lines.

Her social activities include debating. She possesses good presentational skills, is fluent in English and has command over computer knowledge and hence she excels in the field she works in. Nazish has account on linked in and a face book page is also maintained by her.