Nai Baat TVAnother new media channel named as Nai Baat TV is going to be included in the list of Pakistani news channels very soon which aims to become a most reliable media group of Pakistan. The new channel Nai Baat is all set to come up with the most modern technology and facilities through which they will able to keep you up-to-date with all the local and global news.

Nai Baat TV channel consists on a great enthusiastic and passionate team through which they are focusing and striving hard to become an industry leader. Nai Batt TV claims that their well-connected correspondents and journalists will take audiences close to real and authentic news so that audiences can aware from actuality of the news from all over the world. Several offices of Nai Baat TV is also about to open in major cities of Pakistan so that they can easily provide updates of latest happenings in a different way.

The CEO of Nai Baat TV is Chaudhary Abdul Rehman who also runs educational network across Pakistan and now he is introducing his media channel in order to provide reliable information to all people. Daily Nai Baat Newspaper is also a part of this media group which has been proving its services since many years in different cities of Pakistan.