Mustafa QureshiOne of the most popular and experienced actors of Pakistani film and television industry, Mustafa Qureshi has asked for government support in order to revive Pakistani film industry. In an interview with renowned Pakistani news agency, Mustafa Qureshi has said that the government should support Pakistani film industry in order to revive the industry. He said the government of India supports Bollywood films industry and this is the only reason that Indian films releases in international market.

Mustafa Qureshi said that despite of taking initiatives to bring the boom of Pakistani cinema back, the Government of Pakistan has not even appointed Minister of Culture, which is our bad luck. He said that the films and dramas are basically reflection of culture of any country and to strengthen our culture, we must have to launch our films both in the national and international markets. He said that it is very positive gesture that the producers from Karachi have made some quality films in order to bring back viewers in the cinemas.

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Mustafa Qureshi has asked senior writers, directors, producers and actors to play their part for the betterment of Pakistani film industry. He has also appealed the owners of cinemas to show Pakistani films on the first priority, instead of promoting Indian films.