MeeraOne of the most controversial actresses of Pakistani film industry, Meera has announced her engagement. While talking with Pakistani news channel, Meera has revealed that she is going to engage in March. Film actress Meera said she had not even saw a man she is going to engage but all the arrangements and finalization of relationship has been settled by her brother. Meera also said that her family and friends were continuously pressurizing her for marriage from the last few months. Last year, 60 year old Ex-MNA had also proposed Meera, but actress didn’t replied.

Film actress Meera has created many controversies on the issue of her marriage from the last few years. She had also fallen in love with a man named Captain Naveed and revealed in a program that both of them have married secretly, after immoral video scandal. After which, her first husband Atiq-ur-Rehman also filed a petition in the court in which he stated that actress has married again without taking divorce. Civil court in Lahore had also issued arrest warrant of Meera in that case. Previously, some sources have claimed that Captain Naveed’s parents have rejected Meera and marriage is over.

It is to be noted that 39 years old actress Meera had also asked journalists to find a suitable man for her marriage.