LONDON: The planet’s longest-running emotional television drama serial, Britain’s “Coronation Street”, is to incorporate a Muslim family for the 1st time in its more than 50-year history, its producers asserted. These types of serials are known as soap opera in the West and are also referred as melodrama.

The chiefs of the show, which screens on Britain’s commercial ITV network, admitted it was strange that it hadn’t included a Muslim family before.

The characters will be relatives of KalNazir;they’re going to include from the household 2 youngsters, his ma and his pa, who will be played by Marc Anwar.

The concern for the Muslim community in UK is whether retrospective of them in such serials can create awareness about the Muslim community and can bridge the gaps with other communities of the UK or not.

[alert style=”white”] These involvements can create a better opportunity for Muslim community to amalgamate with the Britain society. [/alert]

The BBC soap opera serial “EastEnders”, the vitalcontestant to “Coronation Street”, presented a Muslim householdcalled the Masoods in the year 2007.