Fiza AliPopular actress and model of Pakistani showbiz industry Fiza Ali has said that the artist should not be divided into film or television category. In her recent interview to one of the leading Urdu newspapers of Pakistan, Fiza Ali has said that an artist should not be kept within any field. She said that can be compared with the art, which cannot be kept within boundaries. Fiza Ali said that when an artist came in the showbiz industry, he/she has some targets, on which he/she moves forward. Previously, Fiza Ali had revealed that she is working in showbiz with husband’s permission.

Fiza Ali said that when any drama of any artists got popularity, unfortunately he/she is limited to television screen. Similarly when an artist works in popular film, he/she feels shame to work in the television industry. She said that every artist should work in almost all the mediums in order to prove his/her skills. She also said that film is very big and popular medium of art, but most of the people watch dramas in order to get some entertainment.

Fiza Ali also said that the Pakistani film industry is gradually improving with the latest technology and it is positive gesture that some good films have been made in the recent years.