murre fight pictureRecently a video went viral on social media showing a gentleman walking towards his car while the people standing in masses pushed him but he didn’t reacted and silently sat in his car. Meanwhile the mob captured another young gentleman and started to beat him.

A woman along with her children was standing there, the children were screaming because of fear. Earlier some elders interfered and stopped the mob from hurting the tourists but the mob soon was out of control.

The reaction of public was pretty obvious on such an action by the hosts that are the people of Murree. They even didn’t took care of their guests. The people censured the behavior of the hosts.

Most people were of the opinion that the Abbasids inherent such behavior. Along with a number people mentioning such incidents which also happened with them. The hosts didn’t even realized that most of their bread and butter is coming because of the tourists and the major economic activity is only because of the tourists.

People also questioned the silence of elders and asked where the Police was. A considerable number of people reported that same also happened with them. Some people vowed to never go to Murree again and said that Swat, Naran Kaghan are much better places and the people living there are very good hosts and they respect their guests and take good care of the guests.