Audacious host and anchor Mubasher Lucman has been a renowned personality of Pakistani media & has been famous for his courage of showing all aspects of the burning issue being prevailing the country’s political arena now or then with facts.

Mubasher has been in lime light since anticipation of his program “khari Baat”, which has grasp viewers attention by hard-hitting and logical question & not only revealing the complete facts of the program but also gives them a cutting–edge point thinking, highly qualified, Mubasher has within himself ability to capitalize on the points of concern to present his viewers what they really likes to listen, this has drastically increases his viewer ship as compare to other anchors.

Mubasher has also been in vast criticism due to a leaked video of him and Mehar bukhari alongside with business Tycoon “Malik Riaz”. Mubasher was also suspended for some time due to his comments, despite all that Mubashir is a good  journalist, Mubasher’s program of IPP’s is one of his famous On-Air Shows which shows how brutally people of Pakistan has been slaughtered through these so called IPP’s, which has made nation to pay interest on the units which wasn’t consumed by them even.