Born to Nazir Naji, one of the well Known Journalist of Pakistan, Aniq has been in Digital Media as a Young Artist but that was not, for which he has been destined for, he was a Journalist from his Soul.

Starting in late 90’s Aniq has mark his presence with “Show Jawan”, a popular youth Show, which hits fame and later was bought by a UK Based Company in 2000’s.Aniq has also moved to UK and Host different Shows & also works as a News Presenter, supervises Radio Shows as Director of that UK based company.

After Serving for almost a Decade in UK, Aniq has marked his entry in Pakistani News Industry with Morning Shows of Top News Channel & then demonstrates his Logical & analytical skills with investigative programs known as “Band File”, which is a follow up of issues which once was in Debates & talks but has been forgotten now & are still unsolved.

After covering different scenarios from Social to political Aniq has moved himself to Dunya News and Yet again there he has also started an Investigative Program “Talaash” which is also getting fame in younger generation of Pakistan due to its commonality yet importance of those issues.