An architect by profession & an intellectual by passions Syed Bilal Qutab has been a renowned celebrity being into Digital Media since some time and have been on his credit various spiritual programs specifically in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Bilal has been in his academia profession since 90’s as a Renowned architect , owns an architectural firm in USA , In Digital Media,gentleman holds an extensive viewership around the Globe & keeps within himself a commendable knowledge on Religion and spirituality, has been a Hot cake & preference  for Digital Media Programs on mysticism.

Bilal has been admired & praised for his communication skills as well as his deep inside thoughts on one of the most critic and debated topic of Islam. Bilal has also host “Aalim Online” quiet successfully for almost a year and yet done it with unbeatable command. The recent live Ramadan Transmission with Samaa TV has gathers one of the Greatest viewership in Samaa TV history.

Other then Digital media Bilal has been a Motivational Trainer & Technical Human Resource Consultant, being associated with some Renowned Firms and provides a sufficient number of technical and managerial Staff for the ever increasing Pakistani textile Industry.