Famous actress and model Mehwish Hayat is all set to burn the stage with her item song for upcoming Pakistani movie Na Maloom Afraad. According to the details, Mehwish Hayat has done item song for Na Maloom Afraad in which she has shown her dancing skills.

Mehwish Hayat’s item song is attracting all the eye balls on social media as her moves and grooves are making sound among the people. These days Mehwish Hayat’s vulgar item song is also becoming the point of criticize as people are criticizing her dancing way and are saying that being a Muslim it not acceptable. People are also claiming on social media that they are adopting Bollywood style in order to get attention but it is not our culture.

The promo of video clip has been revealed of her item song in which Mehwish is showing her energetic and electrifying performance surrounded by men. It is to remember that earlier another Pakistani actress Mathira has also done an item song which was highly criticized on social media too. As Pakistani industry are getting closer to the Bollywood and Indian styles day by day due to which these types of items songs has started to make in Pakistan industry too.Mehwish Hayat