Pakistani Bloggers claimed that Aamir Liaquat has joined express news or he is going to join express news 20-23 days back but Aamir Liaquat neglected these claims and termed them as rumor. Now Aamir Liaquat has officially joined Express news and going to host Ramzan transmission at Express News. Aamir Liaquat itself proved that bloggers were right and these were not rumors.

The news of Aamir Liaquat’s joining Express News was wandering all around the corner since the time when Geo got banned by PEMRA. But Mr. Aamir always neglected this news and said these are rumors as bloggers are spreading these gossips against. He also tweeted at his Tweeter account that people should ask me before believing these types of news. So, after joining and getting welcomed by Express News who was right? Aamir Liaquat or bloggers?

Here are the snapshots of Aamir Liaquat Hussain in this regard:

Aamir Liaquat Tweet1

 Another Tweet

Aamir Liaquat Tweet2

Well, it’s not new mostly celebrity tries to hide these types of news at first and term these types of news as rumors but it is to remember that every news is not a cup of gossips or rumor as there are some truth behind it. Similarly Aamir Liaquat did not accept his joining news firstly and tweeted regarding these news that bloggers are spreading rumors.