Israel-attacks-palestineThe war has been going on between Israelis and Palestinians since the mid of 20th century which has extended in a harsh brutality manner as the heart of every Muslim is weeping by seeing a height of inhumaneness over Palestinians. Today the issue of Israeli brutality against Palestinians is considering as the most sensitive subject as everyone is praying for Gaza in this hard time.

Palestinians who are facing 24/7 attacking and bombardment are losing their loved one day by day as the violence of Israeli has reached to its peak. We can see in the images that how every Palestinian is facing most painful death which is not able to even imagine. Men, women and even little children are attacking with complete harshness and cruelty manner by Israeli as their attacking is unbeaten over Palestinians. According to the latest reports, dozens of women and children of Palestine are killing due to continuing military offensive of Israel in Gaza as they are attacking on them with rocket fire and bombardment too. Over 190 Palestinian men, women and kids are targeted by Israel’s terrorism and almost 1400 people have been injured in this open violence of Israel.

Social Media, who is playing a vital role where lots of people are protesting against Israel and praying for the peace in Gaza. Protest against Israel’s brutality has been holding in different countries as well as political parties also taking part in protest with the aim of free Palestine as the terrorism of Israel has increased in more vicious form which is spreading destroying and destruction in Palestine. It is sad to see that our media and leaders are doing nothing in this regard as Palestinians need their help in this hard time but no one is playing their role to save their Muslim brothers and sisters.