Badar KhalilThe most famous senior actress of Pakistan Badar Khalil left showbiz, actress Badar is also known as Baddu Aapa. According to the actress she is going to Canada that’s why she left showbiz. Actress Badar has always acted well since she started acting. Her performance is extremely liked by the viewers in every drama.

Actress Badar performed well in drama “Tanhaiyaan”she performed the role of Aani of Marina Khan and Shenaz Sheikh in this drama. Actress Badar also acted well in drama serial “Dhoop Kinaray” she performed the role of jealous Doctor, who was jealous from Marina Khan in this drama. Her performance is also extremely liked by the viewers in comedy drama “Quddosi Sahab Ki Bewah”; she is performing the role of Rishtay wali Aqeela Khala in this drama.

Actress Badar won the hearts of the viewers by her wonderful performance; her comic roles made everyone laughs. It is very difficult task to bring laugh on the faces of everyone but actress has the ability to perform well in comic roles. Actress Badar started her career from drama “Unkahi”. Actress was born in Lahore but now she is living in Karachi.