Senior Lollywood Filmmakers Ask Ali Zafar To Apologize

Ali zafarThere was controversy between actor Shan Shahid and singer Ali Zafar three weeks back. Seniors of the Lollywood asked Ali Zafar to apologize Shan for his rude response. Director Muhammad Pervaiz Kaleem said that Shan is the most respectful person he and his father did a lot for Pakistan. According to the director Altaf Hussain those actors who are working in Bollywood just for making money, can’t have the spirit for their own country. singer Ali should respect senior actors, director Altaf said.

In an event of awards show Actor Shan said that he is not in favor of Indian movies and broadcasting of Indian movies in Pakistan. Shan also criticized those Pakistani actors who are working in Bollywood; he said that Pakistani actors who are working in Bollywood are working there just for making good money.

On this statement of Shan, singer Ali respond that sometimes we try to hide our week points by supporting our country and other things. Ali also said that we should work with honestly. We should speak truth with our next generation. Ali added that Shan has insulted those celebrities who are working in Bollywood; there are so many famous personalities who are working in Bollywood like Rahat Fateh Ali, Zeba Bakhtiar, and Atif Aslam etc.

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