Expert film-maker David Whitney’s latest flick about a Pakistani activist undergraduate who was tortured, gunshot and left for extinction has been proscribed in Pakistan.David Whitney is known as a bitter film maker as he tries to bring the bitter realities as he did in the film ‘The Line of Freedom’ which is being banned by PTA.

Mr. Whitney, with MakerNoordinMengal, prepared the 29-minute vigorous film ‘The Line of Freedom’ which magnetscare to the slaying of tons of political agitators and intellectuals in Baluchistan.

It concentrates on the real life story of student Nasir Baloch who was beingcaptured and tortured by some people. Latterly he was killed. Thenatives believe and blame squaddies from the State of Pakistan to be responsible for this act. The film pictures the same.

[alert style=”white”] Missing person’s treatment and handling is rightly a question mark on the credibility of law and order in the country, and will entice more hatred and disorder. The state establishments must find a way to resolve it. [/alert]

Nasir Baloch was taken hostage, beaten and gunshot in Jan, 2011. The movie has had more than twenty five thousandsightson the web since it was on the loose late preceding year, it was also nominated for the appreciated 2013 Gulf Film and civil rights champion Peter Tatchell has twittered his backing for it.