Husnain SaleemHussain Saleem who is known as carbon copy of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to get hair transplantation in order to get more possible looks of Salman Khan. Husnain Saleem who is blessed to be looks like of his favorite star wants to adopt the same hair style as Salman khan has.

Husnain Saleem’s hair surgery was done by Dr. Nasir Rashid who has been serving at HairClub Pakistan since 1996 as he was also an owner of HairClub Pakistan. The process of surgery was completed in 13 hours in which Husnain Saleem did not feel any kind of pain or dizziness, according to Husnain Saleem. Husnain Saleem is completely satisfied with his hair surgery that is making him to look more like handsome hunk of Bollywood Salman Khan.

Husnain Saleem who has also the physical similarity with Salman is the resident of Sialkot who has gained much fame in Pakistan due to his face resemblance with Salman Khan. He has also appeared in many Pakistani shows where he acted like Salman Khan in order to entertain people through his face resembling with superstar. Husnain Saleem is known as Pakistani Salman Khan who has hit out the internet and showbiz industry due to his looks.