The blessed month of Ramzan is nearing. In Pakistan the trend of Ramzan Transmissions and Ramzan Shows is growing from last few years. Especially the game shows are liked by the masses which are organized during the blessed month and numbers of gifts are given to the majority of participants on answering simple questions.

Ramzan shows will be aired on almost all leading channels of Pakistani Television.

Aaj TV

The famous comedian and host Umer Sharif will host the Ramzan transmission at Aaj News this year. The transmission is tilted as ‘Ramzan Humara Emaan’. This is the first time Umer Sharif will host Ramzan Transmission.


Junaid Iqbal the famous religious Scholar and Talk Show host who has been on the screen for a number of years will host the Ramzan transmission at A-Plus this time. Previously he hosted the sehri transmission at HUM TV last year.

ARY Digital

Ramzan transmission earlier was hosted by Junaid Jamshed and co-host Waseem Badami. Waseem Badami who left ARY last year has joined back ARY. He will be hosting the Ramzan transmission alone this time as Junaid Jamshed has been off-screen since the controversy created by his statement regarding ‘Mother of Believers’.

Geo TV

The Ramzan show on Geo TV will be hosted by Dr. Aamir Liaquat. Earlier the rumors were circulating that Dr. Aamir will join Hum TV as he left as host of ‘Subh-e-Pakistan’ , but he actually left as he was planning to stream line all his efforts for the upcoming Ramzan Transmission at Geo TV ‘Ramazan Shareef’.

Hum TV

Ahsan Khan will host the Ramzan transmission at Hum TV this year, he also hosted the transmission last year. Ahsan Khan is a famous actor who has appeared in multiple dramas.

TVOne Global

Maya Khan who recently joined TV One after staying away from screen for some time will host the Ramzan transmission at TV One. She is also hosting the morning show at TV One.

All the TV channels will be competing for the viewers’ rating this Ramzan too. The blessed month will be again the time for Media Houses and Hosts to earn, this is the critic’s view regarding the Ramzan transmissions of all the media channels. But again all the programs and shows are aired on the demand of the viewers at large. The commercialization of the blessed month will continue this year too which is sad fact for some people. Some people also argue that some of the hosts do not give respect to the audiences present on the set to participate in different game shows.