The young Pakistani actress in her new video message to the fans said that she don’t have any personal account on Facebook and people are misusing her name by creating fake accounts. Neelam emphasized that she don’t have any account on the Facebook. She also vowed in the Name of ALLAH and requested all her fans not to be misguided by those who have created the Facebook accounts on her name.

She said that when I negate having a personal account people ask then how you maintain the fan page of yours to which she answered that my sister uses Facebook and she created Neelam’s fan page and mostly maintains the page by herself but sometime when she has to check the fan page she uses the account of her sister for this purpose.

[alert style=”white”] While talking about the people who have created the fake account on her name she said that it is totally bad to play with the feelings of people. [/alert]

neelam muneerMoreover she also said that I have to face problems because of this. She said that when I meet fans in the market they say that they have added me in their Facebook’s friend list and they have chats with me. She said that she is astonished on the cheap tactics used by such people to gain benefits by using my name.

Here is video message: